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The essential elements of our training

- The instrument 'voice' is being developed through a
newly developed, highly effective voice training.
Speech, lecture, presence etc. are based on this training.

- Our formations enable clients to adapt their voices to
highly demanding situations.

- Personal presence is developed effectively und is always
the focus of attention.

- A definite and comprehensible technique, first rate feedbacks, strong
motivation achieved by our didactics, e.g. positive strengthening
('positive Verstärkung').

- Malfunctionings vanish 'on the way' without being specifically attended to.
(An invaluable benefit as regards self-assurance of voice and manner.)

- The effectivity of our trainings is confirmed scientifically:

This is unique in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
With our audio archive (equally unique), go.arts® have contributed to the
development of this evidence. The corresponding study was provided and
published in the context of an M.A. thesis at the University of Bonn (Institute of Phonetics).

- Clients are individually coached, even in groups up to 12 participants.

- One-day seminar
- Half-Day seminar
- Consecutive individual trainings (each training comprising two periods / 90 mins.)
- Modules of other trainings
- etc. Please order our catalogue of training forms.

- We offer training in four European languages (German, English, French, Dutch).

  Last update: 11.08.2009