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On board the Rickmer Rickmers, Hamburg's swimming emblem at the St Pauli jetties: go.arts® presented their programme "Opera for everyone!" as a wedding gala on 25 May 2002!

Unternehmerhaus AG ( (House of Entrepreneurs)
Wir führten zum Unternehmertag am 1. Juli 2002 das Galaprogramm "Oper für Alle!" auf!

go.arts® voice coaching in German and English with the workshop
"Voice Training as Personality Development" on 4th and 5th November 2000 at the 5th International Congress of DGSL (

go.arts® performed as gala prgramme "Dadamax meets Madame Bleue" on 3rd November 2000 at the 5th International Congress of DGSL (
At the piano: Heribert Koch

"...Your performence proved an intellectual challenge to me.
I was wondering all along why I liked this performance.
In fact it continues to take effect for quite a long time -
in a positive way. It is not easy to forget you. "

Werner Groh of
GROCODIL Computer Dienste Limburgerhof

go.arts® performed as gala programme "Dadamax meets Madame Bleue"
at the gala of the 2nd Bonner Psychiatrietage (Psychiatrists' Meeting) on 3rd June 1998 at the Gustav-Heinemann-Haus
At the piano: Iris Steiner

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