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Königswinter, den 20. Juli 2011

Techniques of the Future - go.arts®

State-of-the-art voice training leads up to Anti-Aging -Techniques

Our vision of a modern voice training as defined and scientifically tested by go.arts® has led to prolific results.

As a "by-product" of the go.arts® - research we can systematically alleviate your backache. This may appear exceptional, but similar effects can frequently be traced in the history of science when there was a logical basis.

go.arts® use such logical bases for your benefit.

The reason is simple: The muscles you use for voice production are the same that cause your backache - if you align them in the wrong way. Simple weight training alone won't suffice as a remedy, which is the reason why many traditional trainings have only limited effect and will not protect your spine and your joints.

We can demonstrate this to you in such a way that you can continue training for yourself, with a confident knowledge about the functioning of your spine and skeletal frame.

In part we can effect this by employing voice training techniques in a way that muscles are trained. In doing so, we can impart quite another kind of pleasure than a body training at the fitness centre.

Additionally, you will train your voice, your appearance will enhance and your personality will be released.
We will incorporate any other trainings and physical activities you may pursue into our training.
You won't have to start at the beginning and will benefit from synergetic effects - thus receive double value.

What our clients say:

"I have been attending many seminars; my poise and appearance, however, have not yet improved."

"You are extraordinarily gifted in motivating people"

"I just wanted to tell you that everything went splendid today. Everything was easy and relaxed. After training I went home on air and I was in high spirits. Great! Thanks a lot!"

"Afterwards, I was commended by four - some of them important - colleagues. After my lecture, the project I had introduced was presented with an Innovation Award. Thus, for me, it was really an excellent day."

"Thank you so much for your ingenious work! Again: I am at home, very relaxed, feeling to be on the right way. Great!"

go.arts® offer a body-oriented voice training programme
on a scientific basis, with an artistic background

All those who use their voices professionally,
e.g., executives, publicity experts, consultants, negotiators, lecturers, speakers, sales persons, trainers, artists, and singers,

experience an individually monitored and controlled development of their voices by practising favourable physical coordination and playful experimentation.

Complementary, we apply approved artistic training methods and approaches which also release the intuitive forces of the individual personality.

The specific efficacy of our programme has been approved and confirmed throughout Germany. The high efficacy of our programme will develop your voice to a top level within a short period of time.

Our profound and comprehensive methodology significantly outperforms traditional trainings. You will learn not only how to use your vocal apparatus, but also how to develop a better-functioning vocal apparatus.

As voice coaches, we specialise in the responsible handling of the instrument, our body.

Handling our body ergonomically will enable us to use our voices economically and gently.
This is due to our specific understanding of economical voice production: i.e. to develop and to fine-tune the necessary body tones, and, on the other hand to avoid inhibiting tensions in order to track down stress factors and to avoid harmful strains.

You will always find our voice training to be:
Individual and body-oriented within the full scope of our contents of teaching, in order to give clients an outline of our training, as well as to clarifiy to them their individual possibilities..

Participants can decide for themselves on which focal points they would like to concentrate:
General voice training, particular properties of speech, techniques of presentation, or voice training for women.
Please contact us for information on further focal points.

You will find us:

iat the go.arts® Voice Institute in Koenigswinter
and in whole Europe.

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